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Technical Notes:

How to Compute BRFSS Table Results

Trend Analysis

1.      Select data – click go

2.      Select yes or no

3.      Click go



Under prevalence/crosstab

1.      Select year – click go

2.      To obtain frequencies click analyze one category

3.      Click calculate


Cross-tabulation Analysis

1.      Select one variable for row

2.      Select one variable for column

3.      Click calculate


Example of Cross-tabulation Analysis

For computing cross-tabulation analysis by gender and diabetes, if you select gender as your row variable and diabetes as your column variable you read the table results as male or female who has diabetes.  Conversely, if you select diabetes as your column variable and gender as your row variable you would read the results by row, as respondents who have diabetes are either male or female.


Depending on your selection of row or column you will compute a different set of results.



Disclaimer Note:

·       Percentages are weighted based on the District’s population

·       Cell size less than 50 are suppressed

·       Confidence Interval greater than 10 are suppressed



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