6 6E
810 New Jersey Avenue NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20001

Dantes, Housing on Merit, Menkiti, Spectrum Management, and Bailey Real Estate
The 9,653 sf Capitol Vista parcel at 2nd and H Streets, NW, was RFP'd in April 2015. The vacant parcel, previously used as a temporary parking lot, presented a unique development opportunity in the heart of downtown DC and the rapidly growing Mount Vernon Triangle, Northwest One, and NOMA neighborhoods.  The site is located in the same square as two federal reservations (Res 193 and Res 194), which are maintained as open park area.

The project was awarded to the development team of Dantes Partners, Menkiti Group, and Spectrum Management.  The development delivered over 100 affordable rental units at 30% and 50% AMI, and a 3,200 sf ground floor retail space together with significant public space improvements.
In November 2020, the project was considered substantially complete and  formally completed by January 2022.

Th project now provides affordable housing for District residents.
104 104
Affordability Levels (% of Area Median Income)
21 83
105,277 3,223
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