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1900 Anacostia Drive SE, Washington, District of Columbia 20020

2006 Federal and District Government Real Property Act of 2006 (Federal Land Transfer Act) states requirements for transfer to District

2007 Poplar Point project in DMPED portfolio after AWC dissolved

2008 EIS process initiated; initial internal draft produced in 2010, but was not released to the public 

2010 2016 work done to continue the progress of the 2010 draft EIS

September 2016 Inter-agency workshop on Poplar Point focused on recent climate adaptation and resiliency work by DOEE and its possible impacts on the Poplar Point planning process 

Next Steps: DMPED and OP to work with NPS to re-initiate Small Area Plan (SAP) and  Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) processes
An environmental investigation is currently ongoing that will assess the extent of contamination on site.  A remediation phase will follow to rectify the contamination.  Both are necessary steps that must be completed to allow development of the site. 

DMPED is working with OP and DOEE on the Small Area Plan (SAP),  Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), and Section 106 processes.
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Affordability Levels (% of Area Median Income)
Potential site for major employer and other job creation opportunities 
Retail and affordable housing
Preservation of parkland and wetlands
Active use of key waterfront site
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