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Commission on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Executive Appointment (Mayor's Order) The Commission shall assist the Mayor on matters relating to the District's celebration of the annual public holiday commemorating the birth of Martin Luther King, Jr. celebrated on January 15th or on the third Monday in January of each year. The Commission shall have a maximum of 15 public voting members. Public voting members must be residents of the District of Columbia. No 15 0
  Commission to Commemorate and Recognize Charles Hamilton Houston and for His Contributions to the American Civil Rights Movement, Education, and the Legal Profession Executive Appointment (Mayor's Order) The Commission shall make recommendations to the Mayor on how to appropriately honor and recognize Charles Hamilton Houston and his lifetime of achievements and contributions to the American civil rights movement, education, and the legal profession. Those recommendations shall include appropriate action or actions to honor and recognize Charles Hamilton Houston in an artistic commemoration. 1.    The Commission shall consist of no more than fifteen (15) voting members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor. Members who shall be appointed will have shown dedication to, and knowledge of: the history of Charles Hamilton Houston as it relates to his legal and civil rights advocacy.   2.    The following public members shall have a broad range of professional and legal expertise and be voting members of the Commission:  a.    Three (3) representatives of Howard University, including the Dean of Howard Law School; b.    One (1) representative of the American Bar Association; c.    One (1) representative of the National Bar Association; d.    One (1) representative of the District of Columbia Bar Association;  e.    One (1) representative of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund; f.    One (1) representative of the Council of the District of Columbia; g.    One (1) representative of the faith-based community; h.    One (1) current resident of the District of Columbia with the extensive experience and historical knowledge of Charles Hamilton Houston and his legacy through the District of Columbia; i.    One (1) representative of the family of Charles Hamilton Houston; j.    One (1) representative of Harvard Law School, alma mater of Charles Hamilton Houston; k.    One (1) representative of Dunbar High School; alma mater of Charles Hamilton Houston. By position No 12 0  
  District of Columbia Emancipation Day Commission Executive Appointment (Mayor's Order) The Commission shall advise the Mayor on programs, projects, activities, and forums to celebrate and commemorate April 16th as a public legal holiday in District of Columbia that recognizes the District of Columbia Compensated Emancipation Act (“Act”), approved by Congress and signed by President Abraham Lincoln on April 16, 1862 to abolish slavery in the District of Columbia. The Commission shall have a maximum of ten (10) members each appointed and shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. All members of the Commission shall be residents of the District, or shall have some resident business, educational, social or cultural nexus to the District. No 10 1  
  New Columbia Statehood Commission Special: Appointed by Position The New Columbia Statehood Commission to coordinate the District's statehood initiatives. The Commission is an independent agency within DC government providing support to the Statehood Congressional Delegation in promoting statehood and voting rights to the District. The Commission is comprised of: 1) The Mayor of the District of Columbia, 2) The Chairman Elected Office Holder No 1 0  
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