• There is no cost to apply.
  • Here are a few examples of sustainable best practices or projects--solar panels, energy efficient lighting, innovative storm water project, green roof, green walls, rain gardens, increased access to healthy foods for your staff or residents, creating new green jobs, composting, tree planting, volunteer at a stream clean-up.
  • Please upload one photo (jpeg) that illustrates a green practice or project. In lieu of a green practice or project, you may upload a photo of yourself, the premises and/or staff.
  • Please upload your company or organization logo (jpeg or bmp).

    Tips for Applying:
  • Any data is helpful but not required. Examples include energy reduced (BTU's, kWh's), pollution reduced or recycled (pounds), and water saved (gallons).
  • This is not a writing contest; applications will be judged on their sustainability efforts.
  • Past winners need to demonstrate continual improvement (i.e. new project or program) to be considered for an additional award.

    After reviewing all submissions, the DOEE Awards Committee will choose the nominees for the next round of the application process (1st cut) and the People's Choice Awards. The general public will be invited to choose the "People's Choice" Award by voting online.

      NOTE: All prospective winners must agree to a compliance check and an on-site visit. All winners must agree to a share their story through a written case study, made available on the DOEE website. All businesses or organizations must have a physical location (office) in the District of Columbia.

      2020 District Sustainability Awards Application





      In order to be eligible, you must be in compliance with all District of Columbia environmental regulations.

      * I Agree

      This description will help judges understand the broader context of your sustainability work, but is not scored as part of your application.

      Consider ways you empower, engage, and connect with your community stakeholders.

      This could be increasing the environmental sustainability of your organizations operations such as responsibly managing your waste, making your space more energy efficient, using less water, or something else. Alternatively, it could also mean offering products or services that impact sustainability such as installing solar, helping residents go green, or providing environmentally-friendly landscaping, or many other things.

      Racial equity is a core tenant of the Sustainable DC 2.0 Plan. Communities of color are more prone to experience deep and persistent gaps in income, health, and employment. While the Districts prosperity is growing, the benefits have not been widely shared by all residents. Less affluent areas often experience more crime, higher mortality rates, lower income, and fewer amenities. Describe ways that your operations and work address these inequities.

      How have you funded your sustainability initiatives? Are you a small organization that has accomplished a lot with a small budget? Bonus points will be given to organizations that have built creative partnerships and made great impact with less money

      This description will help DOEE better address these challenges for your organization and others and will not be scored as part of your application. DOEE will post your photo and logo with the paragraph.

      * = required field

      If you have any questions, please contact Mary Lynn Wilhere, Urban Sustainability Administration, DOEE, at (202) 535-1939 or email,