Daily DOT Updates

OSSE-DOT strives to provides safe, reliable, and efficient transportation services that positively support learning opportunities for eligible students from the District of Columbia. Due to staffing shortages, OSSE-DOT must modify service. This page is intended to provide the public with updated information on our morning routes. It provides information on the status of the entire route and does not provide information about when the bus will arrive at a particular stop. This page will be updated to provide information on which bus routes are late, down, or not able to be serviced.

    Late Route:  Guaranteed coverage, but students will experience late school pick-up and/or late drop-off (up to 90 minutes).
    Down Route:  Due to staffing challenges, OSSE-DOT is attempting to assign the route to a driver once they complete another route. Students on the route will experience service delay.  
    No Service: OSSE-DOT will be unable to service the route.

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